What is this guide?

Following Reps.Next proposal, we are changing the way Mentorship works on Reps program, and we will use the same framework to give Coach tools for Mozilla’s leaders (a unified group between Reps mentors and Leadership Cohort). This is plan like a guide and training system to improve individual skillset on mozillians.

Paradigm change

Until now, Mentor relationship in Reps is a hierarchical one, where you need that your mentor review and approve your request to continue. Help and training could be part of the relationship, but is not mandatory.

With Reps.Next we want to introduce a new way to work, where a Mentor become a Coach, a person that will help you find your way inside Mozilla and Reps program, through conversations.

At the same time, this relationship will be of one year. After that time, Coachee could ask for another coach (that will depend on her/his idea of what they want to accomplished in the coming months) or decide to continue with the same one.

Credit: material is adapted from here.