Important information and next steps

In this last section, you’ll find a list of essential links to help you assist your mentee’s queries and/or  requests and the next step after this training on the below section.

Next Steps

Assignment - write a narrative 

To reflect on what you have just learned, we ask you to write a short narrative reflecting on the learned material. In case you have not written a narrative for each module, write a single longer one.

The narrative shall be about your past/current experience on coaching. You can find all necessary information about this at

Post it as a topic to this Discourse category: (max. 350 words) or by posting there the link to your video recording (max. 2 minutes).

Get in Touch

Please get in touch with a Community Manager or the Reps Council to let them know that you would like to start your onboarding as a mentor

Take the CPG training

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