Accountability and follow ups

Once the event is done, you’re responsible on gathering the receipts, presenting them as well as put together an after event report and outcomes from your event.

Here is how to do that in easy steps:

Step 1: Gather the receipts

Gather all the receipts and take pictures of them. Make sure that every item has a receipt, otherwise they won’t be considered as expenses.

TIP: In case of different people paid for a single receipt, check how much you spent and write it on the receipt

Pro tip: take a picture of the receipt once it is given to you. In case there is no receipt, try to get any proof of expense (photo of the taxi calculator, link from the embassy for visa costs).

Step 2: Fill the budget breakdown

Now is the time to fill the “Actual (local)” field on the budget breakdown template. Remember to use your local currency.

What happens if you have a difference from what you’ve estimated?

In case you’ve used less than the money you’ve received, that’s ok. You can use them in a future event, or give them to another Rep. Remember, just because you have them, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to request approval for them.

In case you’ve used more than the money you’ve received, that’s ok too. Check the acceptable over budget here.

Step 3: Gather blog posts and photos from the participants

Ask the participants or the organizer of the event to gather their impressions of the event at blog posts. Also track down pictures using hashtags from social media.

Step 4: Fill the post event metrics

Now go back to the metrics you’ve created before the event and check what actually happened. This is a great way to do a reality check on what you’ve done and will help you set metrics in the future.

Step 5: Check the results from the event survey

It's recommended to run a small survey at the end of the event. If you have had an activate then you should have asked your participants to fill out the impact form.

That way, you will know how the audience is feeling and what to improve in the future.

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