1.2 Kind of event

Once you have your goal in mind, there are various kinds of events that you can prepare. Take in consideration that you can either:

  • Organize your own Mozilla event
  • Represent Mozilla at an external event

1) Organize a Mozilla event. A Mozilla event can take different forms. For example, it can be:  

Remember: you can organize your own Mozilla event or help in a Mozilla events organized by other members of your community. 

2) Represent/speak about Mozilla at an external event.

You can further Mozilla mission by participating in an external event. For example, you can: 

  • Speak on a Mozilla-related topic at an event near you
  • Represent Mozilla at an already established event, such as a FOSS conference, 

In such event you can: 

  • Have a booth representing Mozilla, or a specific Mozilla project
  • Have a talk on a Mozilla-related topic 

Examples of  events:

  •  A bug-hunting campaign has been announced in the community portal. You decided to make it an event for your community. You organize an event, announce it, and 20 people from your community participate.  Your community finds and files 4 bugs. You document the results and report on the event. 
  • Your university organizes a day-long event where students will be introduced to coding and open source. You speak with the event organizers, and offer to organize a booth to present to the students the Common Voice project. You speak with multiple students about the project and record voice snippets. 5 students ask for more information about the common voice project, and express interest in becoming contributors. 3 of the students ask to be informed about future Mozilla events and join your local community in the community portal. After the event is finished, you report on it, and  write a blog-post.