3.1 Asking for Budget

If you need a budget to carry out an event you should request it. The resources are there to make sure that reps can carry out their important work furthering the Mozilla mission.   Nevertheless, please remember that the reps budget is limited and it needs to service the community all over the world. Treat those resources like they were your own. 

Here we will give you an introduction on asking for budget. Please go here to get more details. 

Submit a budget request: 

Please be aware of timing: The budget request should be submitted at least 3 weeks before the date of the event.

Evaluation of the budget request:

  • Once all the basic information are present the bug wrangler will pass the bugs to the review team.
  • The review team members will ask questions about your budget. 
  • After the review team have evaluated your event they can either
  • Reject your budget 
  • Suggest modifications. 
  • Approve your budget

After the budget is approved: 

  • You will be asked to provide a bank account for a wire transfer, or a PayPal account. Please take in consideration that payment will not happen immediately. Wire transfers, in particular, can take two-three weeks to be processed. 

After the event has taken place

  • Report: Post a link to a blog post and photos of the event in the bug
  • Give us all the receipts, indicating clearly what expense does each receipt refer to 

N.B. Reporting is important! Internal accounting rules make it necessary for us to justify expenses through receipts. If have not submitted receipts three months after the event, you will not receive budget support for future events.