2.2 What do I need to carry out an event?

Different events will have different needs. Furthermore, as our community covers the globe, the local context might engender different requirements. However, these are just quick guidelines to help you think about what you  might need.

Where will I carry out my event? 

  • Is there an adequate free space near me? If not where can I carry out the event and how much will it cost?
  • Is the place easily reachable by my participants? Is it accessible?

What materials/budget I need?

  • Consider what materials you need to carry out your event. Consider if you need a budget to acquire them. Think about things like: internet connection, refreshments for the participants, transport for the speakers and organizers, materials and swags. 
  • How many people am I expecting?
  • Is my content up-to-date and well adapted to my audience? Even for the same subject you might need to update your approach if you’re talking to high school students instead than to open source enthusiasts at your local hackerspace.
  • Do I have the right person to deliver my initiative? Remember, not everybody can talk for everything so look at your local community for the right person.