3.2 Asking for Swag:

Before asking for swag think about what swag would be most useful for your event and why. Swag can be a pretty useful way to start a conversation at a booth, as a prize in a competition, and as a way to make your message memorable.

However, swag is expensive to produce and (sometimes even more) to ship and should therefore be used wisely. Swag should be useful but it should not be something that people come to an event for.  Swag will usually not be provided for a community meeting. 

How to ask for swag for an event (Before submitting your first swag request, please look here for more details) 

  • Have an event planned and set up in the portal.
  • Contact a resource reps that can submit the request for you (at least 1 month in advance)
  • The bug will be assigned to the bug wrangler, that it is in charge to approve or not the swag request.