1.1. Content of an event

Before organizing an event you should ask yourself: How does the event contribute to the Mozilla mission?

Your event can contribute to the mission in different ways.

1) Organize an activity that contribute to a specific Mozilla  product or objective  

To understand if your activity contributes to specific Mozilla goals, check if the events/activity  is related to an ongoing Mozilla project. You can also check with a resource rep and/or a council member. 

To discover a campaign and activities that you can organize to support Mozilla objectives, look in the community portal. The activities proposed in those campaigns are guidelines on the impactful activities that you can organize with your communities.



2) Evangelization:

Spread the Mozilla mission. Again you can check current campaigns or talk with a resource reps, or a member of the council to understand what are the areas in which is important reps focus. 

3) Community planning and building

It is important to meet with your community, plant events and engage with new members. Such events can have an impact by planning engagement and activities and by recruiting new members that become regular contributors. But please remember that such events, as other kinds of events, need to have clearly established objectives (e.g. planning and coordinating future activities).

Important:  We recommend that an event focus on one subject/ objectives.